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BallN Powher Prep Invite 2016

The city of Birmingham, Alabama, and G.W. Carver High School were this year’s hosts. They welcomed us with open arms, and put the South’s moniker “Southern Hospitality,” up front and center for all to experience and enjoy. The G.W.Carver  facilities and staff were nothing less than top-notch.

BallN Prep and Jam on it Events brought together some of the top High School girl teams from Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia, to compete in the BallN Powher Prep Event. This much talent under 1 roof brought in lots of college coaches and scouts to witness good ball play, leadership, integrity, and the opportunity to see new talent.


Tournament MVP

18′ Zipporah “Zippy” Broughton (Lee-Montgomery HS)


All Tournament

17′ Bianca Jackson Brew Tech Signed South Carolina

18′ Caitlin Hose Hazel Green

18′ Dene Mimms Warren Easton (LA)

17′ Tatyana Wyatt Columbus (GA)


All Freshman Team

’20 SG/SF Mackenzie Mahome (Central High School Tuscaloosa, AL)

’20 G Aniya Johnson (Demopolis High School, AL)

’20 G Ashlynn Green (Southwest DeKalb High School, GA)

’20 G/F Janelle Jones (Booker T. Washington, FL)

’20 PG/SG Quintashia Leatherwood (Central High School Tuscaloosa, AL)

’20 PG/SG/SF Jemeriah Moore (Midfield High School, AL)

’20 PG Niaira Jones (Charles Henderson High Troy, AL)


The Buzz

Signed Players-

  • ’17 PG Nautika Philpot (Auburn High School, AL) – signed with Montevallo University. Nautika proved her dominance as a Point Guard that can take over a game. She has a really high I.Q. and knows how to set her teammates up. Scrappy on defense and showed a lot of good qualities on the floor.
  • ’17 G Bianca Jackson (Brewbaker Tech, AL) – signed with the University of South Carolina. This weekend she showed her killer mid-range game. Her dribble drive and pull up is hard for her opponent to defend. Bianca also has great court vision and used her offensive skills to set up her teammates. This kid is going to be special at the next level.
  • ’17 G/F Tatyana Wyatt (Columbus High School, GA) – signed with the University of Kentucky. Wyatt is long and athletic. She played tough in the paint on D and she proved how well she can be an offensive threat inside and outside. As she continues to grow her game will be one to talk about.
  • ’17 F Ariyah Copeland (Columbus High School, GA) – signed with Alabama University. Copeland was a beast on the boards, owning the paint. She has some excellent hands catching just about everything that came her way.   Ariyah stands 6’3 tall with a good muscle build, she runs floor well and has great footwork in the low post.
  • ’17 G Jada Walton (Southwest DeKalb High School, GA) – signed with Texas A&M. Jada has a really excellent skill set. Like how she is able to create off the dribble and how well she shoots the ball. Walton can also make good passes and plays on both ends of the floor.
  • ’17 F Ogheneruona Uwusiaba (Southwest DeKalb High School, GA) – signed with University of Central Florida. Uwusiaba has really good footwork. Liked how well she crashed the boards and she proved to be a dominant player at her position all weekend. Standing 6 foot 3 inches tall she disrupted a lot of shoots in the paint. She really understands how to work the pick and roll and lobs to the goal. Really good hands.

Unsigned Seniors-

  • ’17 PG Makaylla Bullard (Bob Jones High School)-Really liked watching Makaylla play. She has some excellent handles and court vision. I especially took notice to how she handled pressure and was able to make good decisions.
  • ’17 PG Brittany Floyd (Columbus High School, GA) – a Guard that is a tough on the ball defender. Makes good passes and very unselfish ball player. Can make open jump shots from deep or she can pull up mid-range and not afraid to go up in traffic.
  • ’17 SG Asia White (Dutchtown High School, GA) – Proved to be a consistent shooter from beyond the arc, and likes to get out in transition.
  • ’17 F Mya Millner (G.W. Carver High School, GA) – Mya has good low post moves and can defend the paint, not afraid of contact and crashes the boards hard. Mya is averaging 9pts and 6 rebounds per contest.
  • ’17 P Danielle Moore (Sparkman High School, AL) – Danielle caught my eye because of how well she defended the paint. She also crashed the board a got just about every rebound coming her way.
  • ’17 G Brianah Ferby (Stewarts Creek High School, TN)- Brianah showed how well she could shoot from beyond the arc, She also showed how well she could handle pressure and continue to make good decisions with the ball. She can attack the rim and finish in traffic. Brianah also played good on the ball defense. She had a really good weekend.
  • ’17 G Ariel Williams (Whitehaven High School) – Another long and Athletic unsigned Sr. that can defend the perimeter well, and she can handle the basketball. I liked how she didn’t force much but took what was given to her. She played a perfect role. Continue to take notice of her and you will see the jewel she is.
  • ’17 F Alexus Williams (Whitehaven High School)- As I sit and watched her she continued to do the little things that lead to a lot of big things for a her team A real active post that can set some mean screens. She will crash the boards. . A real tough player that also played a perfect roll.



  • ’18 G Caitlin Hose (Hazel Green HS, AL) – Real smooth game and can score at will from deep or off the drive. Makes great passes and definitely one to take notice of. Caitlin also had some great defensive stands and some key blocks. This kid can flat out play.
  • ’18 F Jordan Jones (Helena High School, AL) – Jordan has a get the job done attitude. Liked how she hustles on both ends of the floor. Jones proved to be an excellent rebounder and can score from the post or mid-range.
  • ’18 F Brooke Hampel (Hazel Green HS, AL) – Hampel is fun to watch. Her and Caitlin Hose worked the pick and roll like Stockton and Malone. Hampel is long and athletic and can handle the ball. She is a versatile player.
  • ’18 G Zipporah “Zippy” Broughton (Lee High School, Montgomery, AL) – A guard that knows how to put the ball in the whole. Creative off the dribble and knows how to make good passes. If you play off of her she will make you pay from deep. Zippy proved to be one of the most dominant players this weekend.
  • ’18 P Amaz Carmichael (Lincoln High School) – 6’3 post with a soft touch around the rim. Her long arms made it tough for her opponents to shoot over her and being a lefty made it hard to defend her at the rim. Carmichael can finish with either hand.
  • ’18 G Bria Dent (Minor High School, AL) – Bria is a real quick guard that has some good ball anticipation which lead to her being very disruptive on defense. Bria also likes to get out in the open court and make things happen off the dribble. Her dribble drive was hard to defend
  • ’18 F Jerreca Browning (Minor High School, AL) – A forward that rebounds the ball and lead on fast break. Browning showed how well she could perform this weekend in the post. She has good footwork and can finish at the rim strong.
  • ’18 G Nadia Cathey (Shades Valley High School, AL) – Nadia was another one that could handle the rock. She also made good passes. Her ability to shoot the ball made it tough for her defender to contain her. Being able to shot, pass and dribble, she was a triple threat. Coaches love guards like this.
  • ’18 G Derienne Black (Sparkman High School, AL) – Black is real fun to watch, very active and athletic. She was everywhere, involved in just about every hustle play. Black can really jump and rebounds the ball well. Her quickness and scrappy play allows her to get out in transition and she can finish strong at the rim. Really took notice of this one.
  • ’18 G Kyra Wilder (Stewarts Creek High School) – Kyra started in the post and then was moved to the guard position. She shined more playing around the perimeter as a Guard. She handles the ball well, she can create for others and she can score at will. Her versatile play gives her many options as she continues to grow.
  • ’18 P Dene Mimms (Warren Easton Charter High, LA) – This kid can score from anywhere on the floor. Playing the high post and works the “pick and roll” or “pick and pop” to an art. Mimms is also a threat from beyond the arc, her shot is as pretty as they come. Really like how she is patient with the ball. She reminds me of Lisa Leslie former WNBA player. Not only can she score she can also handle the basketball and she defends the paint well. Mimms has a really high basketball I.Q.
  • ’18 SG/PG Faith Reynolds (Wenonah High School, AL) – Faith can really jump and get after it. She is an explosive guard of the dribble and likes to attack the rim. If you play off of her she will shoot the ball from deep. I witness her wheel and deal all weekend leaving her defenders standing and watching. And to top it all off, when she gets to the rim she knew how to finish strong in traffic.
  • ’18 G Jasmine Carson (Whitehaven High School, TN) – Jasmine is a decent Guard thank can handle the basketball with either hand. She makes passes good passes and if you leave her open she can knock down the open shoot. She can also play good on the ball defense.



Players to Watch

’19 P Case Core (Auburn High School, AL)

‘18 G/F E’Myah Carter (Dutchtown High School, GA)

‘19 G Mary Peyton Banks (Fairhope High School, AL)

’18 G Imari Martin (Hazel Green HS, AL)

’18 G Arianna Thigpen (Minor High School, AL)

’18 P Abrea Green (Opelika High School, AL)

’18 P Sierra McCullough (Opelika High School, AL)

’18 G Anita Dayne (Opelika High School, AL)

’18 F/G Jamya Rogers (Stewarts Creek High School, TN)

’19 G Aniyah Robinson (Shades Valley High School, AL)

’19 G Cabria Lewis (Warren Easton Charter High, LA)

’20 F Skylar Davis (Warren Easton Charter High, LA)

’19 C Thaniya Marks (Wenonah High School, LA)

’19 P Khadija Chambless (West Florida High School, FL)

’19 C 6-4 Maori Davenport (Charles Henderson High School, AL)

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