AAU 6th Grade Girls National Championship Recap and Watch List

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2016 AAU 6th Grade Girls’ Basketball National Championships

2022 Player Watch List

It was great watching young people play with passion the game we love. Every young athlete involved in the AAU Girls 6th National Championship Tournament competed on a high level and each athlete demonstrated a high level of skill for their age group. As young players, full of potential it will be exciting to see what becomes of them on and off the court. Anyway, the following demonstrates what we witnessed and in no way is meant to minimize any of the other athletes that competed. This is just our eyewitness account….what we saw, when we saw it.

First Last Position Team
Cassidy Jo Rowe PG KY Premier
Caroline Bachus P AL Southern Starz
Shaniah Nunn W Al Southern Starz
Vanessa Faith Polk P Midwest Select
Leeaira Willis PG Cincinnati’s Finest
Ashton Elley G KY Premier
Jasmyne Lott F Higher Goals Elite

Let there be no doubt the most talented players in this year’s tournament were the highly touted trio of Caroline Bachus, Shaniah Nunn, and Cassidy Jo Rowe. Caroline is the real deal. You name it and she can do it. What I liked most about her game is that when challenged, she dug deep and competed. She finishes at the rim with both hands and displayed great passing skills during her team’s championship run. Caroline’s teammate Shaniah Nunn is seemingly unstoppable. If she wants to get to the rim, she does it. If she wants the rebound she gets it. Shaniah impressed me with her overall ability and her desire to make it happen when she was on the court. The last of the trio is KY Premier’s Cassidy Rowe. She was flat-out the best PG in the tournament. Cassidy has a mature game, does not seem to get rattled, and has great court awareness. Simply put, Cassidy Jo can go.

Vanessa Faith Polk was dominate in the low-post. She really battled Caroline and Shaniah in one of the best matchups of the tournament. Miss Vanessa is ferocious on the boards. She is a great outlet passer a la Kevin Love. Vanessa is a strong finisher around the basket and impressed me with her ability to get up and down the floor.

Strong, fast and plays all day are some of the descriptors that come to mind when I think about the play of Lee Willis. Please believe us when we say that this 6th grader can play.

It is almost unfair that Ashton Elley and Cassidy Rowe are on the same team. Ashton is highly skilled, she handles the ball, shoots it with the best of them, has size to score in the paint and the range to hit from deep. My notes watching her play were “all around and gets down.” Ashton’s size and ability on the perimeter set her apart as an elite player in my opinion.

Jasmyne Lott was in beast mode all of the time when we watched her play. She competed non-stop, played the passing lanes well on D; and was relentless on the offensive glass.

First Last Position Team
Imariana Russell W Cincinnati’s Finest
Sydney Lane Reddin G Midwest Select
Jaki Rollins G Team Tulsa Pink
Aunisty Smith GF Team Tulsa Pink
Amaya Asher PG GHITP Elite
Cammie McKinney G Higher Goals Elite
Saniah Tyler W Midwest Select

Imariana Russell was another impressive player and I enjoyed watching her play. She is super athletic, fast, quick, aggressive and graceful. Imari, knows how to score and is a master of the- and 1.

Sydney Lane Reddin was a standout on a team that had a lot of impressive players on it. Sydney was a steady hand for her team, and displayed an ability to knock down the open 3 with ease. She also showed great court awareness and good ball handling skills. The sky is the limit for this young lady.

When we watched Team Tulsa play, Jaki Rollins constantly made plays. She was tough and aggressive. We really liked her ability to handle and shoot the ball. The young lady has a good basketball future ahead of her.

Aunisty Smith was another gem on Team Tulsa. My notes on Miss Smith simply said “can do it all.” Aunisty has good size and is a skilled player. She is a matchup problem for most. If she plays a big, we imagine she will be too quick, if her opponent is small, then they are at her mercy down low. Like we said she is a problem.

When you look up competitor in the AAU 6th grade dictionary you will see a picture of this tough guard. Amaya Asher impressed me simply with her desire to win. When you put her skills together with that willingness to go all out for the W…success is in her future.

Cammie McKinney is a player. She handles the ball, plays good pressure defense and can shoot it. Cammie hustles and competes at a high level…she can drive the ball equally well with the left or right. She is another player who has good size and could possibly project as a good sized PG.

One of the most intriguing players for us was Miss Saniah Tyler. Saniah was ball of energy. Great athleticism, can shoot the 3, plays tenacious D, handles the ball well and just flat out plays with fire and desire. Like the rest, she is young and at times plays like it of course, but this is a kid that can play and is just scratching the service of what she can be.

Other Players to Watch 2022

Mykayla Moran F Sky Diggs Elite
Faith Horton F Higher Goals Elite
Tamori Plantin F Team Elite – GA
Jordan Rollins PG Team Tulsa
Jaileyah Cotton PG GHITP Elite
Kailee Deffebaugh F Higher Goals Elite
Tionna Herron F NTX Tar Heels Elite
Karley Johnson F Team Tulsa
Imani Hickman PG WV Thunder
Tegan Bartoe PG WV Thunder
Maeve Mcerlane G Comets – Shumoski
Karly Weathers G Al Southern Starz
Kyrah Brodie F Midwest Select
Coy Mason P NTX Tar Heels Elite
Amina Muhammad P NTX Tar Heels Elite
Alyssa Elswick P KY Premier

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