2016 AAU Girls Basketball National Championship and Super Showcase

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Emerson, GA – As the official ranking company for AAU Girls Basketball the BallN Prep crew hit the road traveling to several locations (Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Nevada) to cover the July evaluation period. Our first stop was the AAU Girls Basketball 9th, 10th, and 11th Super Showcase(s) and Division II National Championship(s). The stage was set… the gym filled with eager eyes from coaches, scouts, evaluators, and spectators alike. With everything and everyone in place, it was time for the show to get started. All participants brought their best and competed at a very high level. Below is a list of the players who stood out and caught our eye.

Jordan Isaacs ’19 6’2 C Team Elite Girls Basketball – Hits boards on both ends, good paint defender, runs floor.

Zipporah “Zippy” Broughton ’18 5’7 PG AL Southern Starz 2018-Looney – Handles handles handles, true floor general, knocks down midrange J and 3, gets to bucket off the dribble, defends all over the floor, great court vision and awareness, high IQ.

Caitlyn Hose ’18 5’9 G AL Southern Starz 2018-Looney – 3pt shooter, good handles, fast with ball on the dribble, good passer.

Olivia Nelson-Ododa ’17 C Georgia Metros 16 Gold Elite – Long and lean, runs floor well, soft touch around the basket, active defender with good foot movement, gets excellent post position, mean spin move, good free throw shooter, nice stroke from range, faces up. Major DI

Destiny Marshall G Georgia Metros 16 Gold Elite – Lefty, puts on floor, scores in a variety of ways, nice mid to long range J, good finisher on the break, active.

Ariyah Copeland 6’2 C Blazers Exposure RED – Nice game, commands double team in the post, moves well, runs floor, very good back to the bucket play.

Daishai Almond 5’8 Blazers Exposure RED – Good handles, gets to bucket of the dribble, nice midrange shot with 3pt range, can fill it up in bunches, good passer and court awareness.

Taylor Mason ’17 5’9 CG Team Elite Pointer EYBL – Very good handles, makes the right pass at the right time, attacks off the dribble.

Ndea Jones 6’2 C Team Elite Pointer EYBL – Long, runs floor well, excellent post defender, good foot speed, defends the paint with authority and long arms.

Sharmayne Finley 5’9 F Jam On It 15U – Decent handles, aggressive dribble drive, strong in paint, hits boards.

Shaira Young 5’5 PG Jam On It 15U – Good shooter from range, decent handles and passing, nice midrange J off the dribble.

Aniyah Smith 5’10 F All Alabama – Runs floor, finishes in transition, unstoppable around basket, decent rebounder.

Taylor Hosendove ’18 6’1 F/C Team Elite 2018-Hansberry – Active, plays inside and out, decent shot, runs floor, hits boards, decent handles, good passer, gets to bucket off the dribb,e.

Kennedy Hansberry ’18 5’9 PG Team Elite 2018-Hansberry – Cat quick, good handles, good aggressive D with excellent foot movement, creates shot off the dribble, good free throw shooter.

Destiny Littleton ’17 5’10 G/W West Coast Premier – Nice 3pt stroke, attacks off dribble, gets to bucket, absorb contact and finishes. Major DI prospect.

Quanniecia Morrison 5’8 PG Team elite Pointer EYBL – Good handles, quick off the dribble, good passer, dribble drive and dish ability.

Kiara Edwards 6’1 C West Coast Premier – Nice soft hands, moves well, effective scorer around the basket, decent poster, gets good post position.

Mikayla Coombs ’17 5’9 G FBC Mo 2017 – The UConn commit, good 3pt shooter, good passer, good one on one and team defender, attacks defense off the dribble with nice stop and pop midrange jumper.

Xaria Wiggins ’18 6-0 BWSL EYBL – has a solid body, aggressive game at both ends of the court, nice low-post game and finishes well in the paint, creates fouls, a smooth face-up game, good leaper, push the ball up the floor, defends the low post and perimeter extremely well with a fearless, reckless abandon, blocking several shot, tremendous upside a major DI caliber prospect.

Shakira Austin ’18 6-4 BWSL EYBL – long and agile low-post performer with shot blocking presence in key; superb in uptempo, catches and finishes in traffic; active on glass, agile, defends out of area, off-the-charts potential.

Daijah Jefferson ’17 6-1 BWSL EYBL – long smooth athletic, ability to play on the perimeter as well as in the low post, face up and attack off the dribble, short pull-up jumper, mid-range or 3-point shot, finish on the break, series of spin and hesitation moves that create space to finish at the rack, rebounds extremely well and can defend on the perimeter or in the post quite effectively.

Bianca Jackson ’17 5-11 FBC Mo 2017 – tenaciously attacks passing lanes with reckless abandon and defended the perimeter, offensively can do it all. She scores from every way imaginable attacking off the dribble with a really sweet combination of a crossover into a step-back jumper and 3pt stroke, one of the best guards in Class of 2017.

Unique Thompson ’17 6-2 AL Southern Starz Bush 2017 – an athletic build with long arms, strong presence in the paint at both ends of the court, smart enough low post defender with the ability to block shots but doesn’t pick up silly fouls, moves and runs the floor well, rebounds well, effective low post scorer in the paint and is not afraid to knock down the short jumper.

Haley Troup ‘17 5-10 AL Southern Starz Bush 17U: South Carolina commit, reminds us of a female Larry Bird. For further reference feel free to YouTube him, plays with a ton of energy high motor on both ends of the floor, attacks the paint with her dribble drive with reckless abandon, a tenacious defender and attacks the defensive boards with the same vigor that you see on the offensive end, a sweet shot that extends out to 20 feet.

Taja Cummings ‘17 5-5 FBC Mo 2017 – Georgia Tech commit, Sick crossovers,smooth hesitation dribble, Made good decision, Three point stroke, Scrappy player, Good on ball defender, Patient and composed.

Myah Taylor ‘17 5-8 AL Southern Starz Bush 2017 – Mississippi State commit, Smooth mid-range shot, Sweet stroke from beyond the arc, Good ball handling skills, Went right and left equally well, Very athletic, Finishes and Strong in paint.

Janelle Bailey ’17 BWSL EYBL –College ready body, loves contact, good free throw shooter, runs floor, relentless in post, battles on the boards both ends and very strong low post game.

Ashley Owusu 19’ 5-9 BWSL EYBL – Strong, physical combo-guard attacks off the dribble, nice mid-range game, good handles and a force in transition game, drives and delivers in traffic, matchup nightmare.

Autumn Newby ’17 6-2 Team Elite Pointer EYBL- Strong, agile post, double double waiting to happen, hits the boards, finishes in traffic, gets to the line, runs the floor well, good defender, competes on both ends of the court.

Khayla Pointer ’17 5-7 Team Elite Pointer EYBL – LSU commit, athletic floor general, scoring point guard, thrives in up tempo game, executes in half-court set, feeds post entry, great court vision, defends well, nice pull up jumper, ability to get to live in paint, cat quick off the bounce.

Eboni Williams ’18 6-1 Alabama Heat Elite 2018 – Big guard with handles, defends well, gets to the rack, nice shooting stroke, fun to watch, good passer excellent court vision, Mid to High prospect.

Tiyah Johnson ’17 5-9 Blazers Exposure Red – Athletic guard explosive, get the rack and finishes with contact, nice pull up jumper, good passer, love to attack, pushes the rock, lockdown defender, fun to watch, Mid to High prospect

Daja Woodard ‘18 6-1 Essence Purple TipHayes – Long, lean, and gifted, great hops and jumps out of the gym with ease, gets good post position and wants the ball. Sprints the floor with ease, a good defender, tremendous upside, with continued development, has the chance to be a special.

Rennia Davis ’17 6-2 Essence Purple TipHayes – Athletic perimeter prospect stretches the defense to the arc, handles and passes in transition; active on glass; mid-range game, versatile defender, competes on glass; superb in uptempo, pressure game; soft touch in key, finishes in traffic. Potential McDonald’s All-American.

Kelsey Marshall ’17 5-9 Essence Purple TipHayes – Combo-guard with size and deceptive quickness on the perimeter, drives and attacks, finishes plays in traffic; triple-threat creator with confident stroke to the arc; versatile defender, threat behind the arc.

Brooke Moore ’18 5-6 FBC Mo 2017- Knock down clutch 3pt shooter, solid defender, ice water in her veins, good command of her dribble, instant offense, exciting to watch.

Tatyanna Wyatt ’17 6-3 FBC Mo 2017 –Long athletic, college ready body, strong low post presence, defends multiple positons, nice low post and face up game, huge upside, High Major prospect.

Kasiyahna Kushkituah ’17 6-4 FBC Mo 2017 – Low-post performer with college-ready frame brings developing interior game, rebounder, shot blocker with superior length, strong presence in the paint. High Major prospect.

Kiana Chew ’17 6-3 Essence Purple TipHayes – Seven foot wing span, long athletic, shot blocker, rebounds well, great hops, finishes in paint, nice face up game, tremendous upside, best basketball head of her, Major DI prospect.

Day’Neshia Banks ’17 6-0 Essence Purple TipHayes – College body, attacks at both ends, does a great job drawing contact and finishing in traffic, physical player gets the job done. DI prospect.

Morgan Jones ’18 6-2 Georgia Metros 16 Gold Elite – Ultra-athletic, versatile big guard, great wingspan, jumps passing lanes cashes in on other end, explosive in open floor, attacks rim off the break, triple-threat creator breaks down defender, good passer excellent court vision, High major prospect.

Tory Ozment ’18 6-0 Georgia Metros 16 Gold Elite – Long smooth point guard, scrappy defender, high energy, good shooter, high IQ, Mid to high prospect.

Ashlyn Dotson ’17 6-2 KC Select – Solid frame, nice 3pt stroke, Good free throw shooter, solid defender closes out well, rebounds well, nice stretch four at the next level. Mid to High

Tamia Stillman ’17 5-11 KC Select – Long athletic small forward, sweet 3pt shooting touch, smooth in transition nice change of directions, jumps passing lanes, DI prospect.

Mariah Linney ’17 5-9 Lowcountry Ballers Select 2016 – Combo-guard loves to attack and create, penetrates and finishes in traffic; smooth off the dribble, distributes well, good passer, drained several 3pter, in a word SWAG. High Major DI prospect.

Kianna Smith ’17 6-0 West Coast Premier – Cal WBB commit. Athletic combo guard, smooth stroke in mid-range game to the arc; triple-threat attack breaks down defender with multiple moves. Fun to watch.

Valerie Clark ’17 5-10 The Family – Fundamentally sound combo-guard handles and distributes off the break, sweet mid-range game, create off the bounce with quick release on jumper; scorer’s mentality to the back court. Major DI prospect.

Amira Collins ’18 6-3 Team Takeover EYBL – Strong, physical low-post prospect with interior footwork, scores in traffic vs. contact, runs floor, nice faceup game,; defensive presence in paint, Major DI prospect.

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