2020 MLK BallN Prep Classic

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MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA – This years event spanned over a four day period (17 Jan – 20 Jan) with actual game play occurring on three of those days.

The premise: to allow a day for the teams to take in some sightseeing and/or visit historical sights that were instrumental in the civil rights movement, the passion and heartbeat of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

To expound on this, Prentice Beverly coordinated to have one player from each team read a quote of Dr. King’s before each game. Not necessary, but truly a touch of class and homage! We all live and benefit from this one man’s DREAM.

Prentice also took this time to honor the one individual who is responsible for getting him started in coaching girls basketball, Michelle Simmons. The legendary coach (Carver HS-Montgomery) somewhat pushed him into it, and look what came out of it. One of the premiere names in girls basketball today. Not bad for having to be pushed into it huh? He also brought out some of her (their) former players to help honor her. It gets better. Coach Simmons amassed 500+ wins during her career and will be inducted into the AHSAA Hall of Fame this March. Great job and congratulations for all you have done and accomplished!

Now let’s get to why we’re here, basketball. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and North Carolina were represented.

The talent displayed during this event ranged from seasoned veteran (senior), to truly young and upcoming (8th grade). This let’s us know that age ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to basketball. Skill, desire, determination, and the will to learn and work hard are major attributes/factors.

Nina Johnson ’22 5-9 G (Brew Tech-AL-AL) – nice soft touch, hits the 3 (and deep), finishes around the basket, scorer, does it all.

Isabel Dang ’23 5-3 G (Brew Tech-AL) – quick, athletic, great handles, smooth has a chance, keep watching

Michaela Bogans ’24 5-4 PG (Carolina Prep-NC) – good handles, fast on the dribble, hits long and midrange shot, gets to basket on dribble, nice floater, on-court nightmare.

Kristin Brown ’20 5-6 G (Carver-MGM) – poised, never rushed, nice handles, attacks off dribble, hits 3.

Mya Barnes ’21 6-0 F (Carver-MGM) – soft hands, finishes around basket, defends paint, shot blocker, boards, runs floor.

Makala Massey ’23 6-3 C (Central-Tuscaloosa-AL) – size, potential, moves well, nice midrange shot,

Khayala Ngodu ’23 6-2 F (Dillard-FL) – long, athletic, moves well, defends paint, shot blocker, runs floor.

China Mattair ’21 5-7 PG/G (Dillard-FL) – good passer, hits 3, gets to the basket, finishes in transition, sweet pullup midrange J.

Arielle Lawrence ’23 5-8 F (Mae Jemison-AL) – hits the boards, runs floor.

Jamya Tyus ’20 5-7 G (McAdory-AL) – nice handles, gets to basket on dribble.

Denim DeShields ’21 5-5 PG (McEachern-GA) – quick, handles, fast on the dribble, attacks the bigs in the lane, fearless, good one-on-one and help defender.

Jemeriah Moore ’20 5-10 G/F (Midfield-AL) – decent handles, attacks off dribble, good speed, boards, drive draw dish, good passer.

Skye Harris-Butler ’21 5-7 G (Pike Road-AL) – strokes the long ball with ease and consistently, quick hands and good D, gets in passing lane, scorer, decent handles.

Tamirea Thomas ’20 6-3 C (Pike Road-AL) – lefty, good size, soft hands, finishes around the basket, moves well, hits boards, defends paint.

Maya Cunningham ’21 5-10 F (Pleasant Grove) – gets off floor (leaper), rebounds, runs floor, scores in paint.

Maggie West ’20 5-9 G (Shelby County-AL) – hits 3, good passer, court vision, decent handles, does everything.

Nicole Young ’22 5-10 G/F (Ursuline-LA) – hits the 3, good passer.

Kylera Warren ‘23 6-6 C (Central-Tuscaloosa-AL)- runs floor, rebounds well, shot blocker, defends the paint and finishes well. Must watch chance to be special!

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