BallN Prep Holiday Invite 2019

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The holiday season is a time to come together with friends and loved ones to rejoice and celebrate. We (BallN Prep) in the basketball world do this by holding our annual BallN Prep Holiday Invitational event, which has become one of the most sought after events to attend and play in during this time for girls basketball.

This years event came within a cats whisker, the blink of an eye, a phone call not being answered, or even a text not being replied to, to not happening.

A late evening text on the night before Christmas Eve stating that the venue hosting this event could not be used because of formalities, could have railroaded the entire event.

Not giving into the pressure and urgency placed upon him, Prentice Beverly’s first thought was not to disappoint those who had agreed to attend and participate in this event. So no how, no way could he allow it to be canceled.

Being as resourceful as he can be, and actually is, Mr. BallN Prep (Prentice) made it happen!! He did what had to be done so the event could be held as scheduled.

Working diligently on Christmas Eve he began to reach out to whoever and wherever he thought was a possibility to secure a venue to host the event. Of course there were more dead ends he encountered, but no quit in him.

Eventually he talked to someone who knew someone who knew someone that said those magical words… yes we have a gym, and you can use it. As faith would have it, this lead him to another person who offered a gym to use also. PRESTO!! The event can go on as planned, but now it’s 60+ miles from the original location.

With a last minute change of venue and distance playing a major part, several teams chose not to participate for whatever reason(s). Totally understandable. Adversity presented itself; belief, determination and undenying effort proved that Prentice Beverly and BallN Prep is truly in it for the right reasons.

For the coaches, teams, parents, and fans that weathered the storm to participate in this years event we salute you. The BallN Prep crew appreciates your dedication and loyalty.

Whew! That’s a lot to deal with.

With teams from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Ohio participating the action kicked off on time. This event has it all in terms of competition. Major college prospects and signees, along with state, back-to-back state, and defending state champions.

Listed below are the young ladies selected for the All-Tournament team.

Sarah Ashlee Barker ’20 G (Spain Park) – MVP, does it all, leads, defends, rebounds, and scores with one of the prettiest/sweetest J’s, committed to University of Georgia.

Allasha Dudley ’21 PG (Anniston) – Floor General, hits the 3, handles, solid defender.

Unrayasia Barclay ’21 G/F (Anniston) – Active active active, great motor, anticipates well, gets in passing lanes, tenacious D, rebounds, runs floor (Dennis Rodman-esque).

Randrea Wright ’21 PG (Carver-BHM) – Calm, poised, handles, floor General, good passer, court awareness and vision, hits midrange J and 3, not afraid to take the BIG shot.

Kaitlin Peterson ’21 G (Eufaula) – quick, awesome J, hits the 3, gets to bucket off dribble, finishes on the break.

Katie Johnson ’20 F (Hazel Green) – gets good post position, finishes around the basket, rebounds, scores from midrange.

Maggie Telaga ’20 G (Hazel Green) – straight sniper, knocks down the long ball consistently and often.

Amiya Payne ’21 G (Hewitt-Trussville) – long, uses height advantage to post smaller defenders, decent handles, hits the 3, finishes on break and in transition.

Alexis Andrew’s ’22 PG (Park Crossing) – Good handles, gets to the basket off the bounce, hits midrange J, knocks down the long ball.

Kennedy Langham ’23 G (Sparkman) – decent handles, hits the 3, gets to the bucket off dribble, good passer and decision maker, decent defender.

Kyla Thomas ’21 G (West Florida) – lefty, sweet pull-up midrange J, gets off the floor (leaper), decent handles.

Masyn Marchbanks ’22 G (Hartselle) – tough, floor general, good handles, nice floater, solid defender.

Carlysia Santiago ’20 PG/SG (Pine Forest) – small, quick, good passer, hits the 3, tough defender.

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