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Basketball On The Bayou 2019

New Orleans, LA – Everyone knows that New Orleans is known for its extravagant parties and events. So every year about this time the carpet is rolled out for the annual Basketball on the Bayou. This event brings out the best young lady hoopers, and coaches from the smallest to the largest colleges and universities. The talent pool is second to none.

Names of individuals who have played in this event, catapulted their game to the collegiate level, and ultimately fulfilled their dream(s) of playing in the WNBA is vast. So vast, that we won’t attempt to name them all. Since just about any and everything is accessible by that “G” search engine, we invite you to take a look.

The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center hosted the event July 20-22, 2019. Not sure about others, but we (BallN Prep crew), waded through flood waters for about a mile, with the level almost reaching the windows at times on the Uber we choose to take. Just a little insight on what we will endure to see talent, and cover an event.

Enough of the preliminary stuff. Let’s get to why we came. To see these young ladies showcase their skills, abilities, and talents. Filled with parents, family, friends, scouts, evaluators, and coaches of all levels the event was electric. Congratulations to all participants, job well done. Keep working, keep striving, and keep dreaming!

As with all events there are standout individuals, and/or eye-catchers that require you to raise your eyebrow(s) a little higher. Listed below are some of those young ladies.

Christen Iwuala ’22 6-3 PF (SA Finest Cee Lou) – Good size, hits boards, decent poster, scores in paint with authority, transitions ends well.

Kierra Sanderlin ’21 5-7 SG (SA Finest Cee Lou) – Good handles, hits long ball, good passer, attacks off dribble, drive and dish, quick on the dribble.

Laney Wheaton ’20 5-7 PG (SA Finest Cee Lou) – Hits the midrange J consistently, gets to bucket and finishes,

Isabel Rohlfing ’21 6-3 PF (Missouri Phenom 16U EYBL) – Hits boards, scores around the basket, active, works for good post position.

Jada Williams ’23 5-7 PG (Missouri Phenom 16U EYBL) – Quick hands, good defender, sweet midrange J, handles, hits the 3.

Tomesia Staten ’20 5-1 SG (Alabama Lynx) – Quick, good handles and court vision, knocks down the long ball, gets to the bucket in transition, scores.

Aniya Hubbard ’22 5-9 SF (Alabama Twisters Elite 2022 Hubbard) – Athletic, moves well, nice J, gets to basket off dribble, good defender and awareness.

Karma Wynn ’24 5-0 PG (Alabama Twisters Elite Johnson) – Quick on defense, fast with the dribble, gets to bucket and finishes in transition, attacks off dribble.

Elauna Eaton ’20 6-0 SG (DFW Elite 17U EYBL) – Lefty, smooth, good court vision and passer, knocks down the 3 consistently and in bunches, SCORER!

Taviyanna Habib ’21 5-7 SF (Essence Wheelerkids Silver) – We loved this kid from the moment I heard her. From that first sentence alone do you know why? She did what all coaches wished their kids would do.. She talked on defense! She notified her teammates of forth coming situations on the court. Not just once, but the entire time she was on the court. INVALUABLE!! She’s not one dimensional either. She knocks down a nice midrange jumper, hits the boards, and has excellent court awareness, hence the verbal communication.

Kayla Murray ’21 6-0 SF (Essence Wheelerkids Silver) – Moves well, solid post defender, runs floor, finishes in transition.

Erica Moon ’23 5-6 PG (Essence Wheelerkids Silver) – Nice handles, attacks off dribble, finishes at rim.

Jermia Green ’21 5-8 PG (Houston Lady Roadrunners) Fast, gets to the bucket, finishes in transition, good defender and handles.

Jaki Rollins ’22 5-9 SG (OK Swish 2021/2022 Blue) – Good defender, attacks off dribble, boxes out well, fundamentals, IQ, good passer.

Valencia Pierre ’22 5-5 PG (Tri-Parish Hurricanes) – Fast, quick foot movement on D, finishes on the break, knocks down the 3, good vision and passer.

Aalyssa Rogers ’21 5-5 SF (TX Elite Lady Warriors 2020) – knocks down the 3, attacks off the bounce, good drive, draw, and dish.

Parker Hill ’21 6-4 PF (Fairfax Stars U16 Girls Nike EYBL) – Long, scores around basket, decent post defender.

Be on the lookout for our watch list from the Bayou!

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