Triple Crown NIC Basketball

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Triple Crown NIC Basketball Exhibition

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE – By now you should be well aware of the Triple Crown name, the quality they provide, and their attention to detail when it comes to hosting events. From the time you enter the venue, to the first jump ball, to the last buzzer sound, it’s a welcomed atmosphere enjoyed by all. The staff are professional, on point, and manage the event exceptionally well, and the officiating is some of the best observed.

Not just a pretty front put up, the participants did their share to help make this event top-notch and well worth attending and watching. These young ladies suited up, laced up, and brought it! They definitely showed that “girls got game!”

With that being said, listed below are some of the young ladies that really got their shine on.

Hannah Edwards ’20 6-6 C (All Alabama Roadrunners) – Great size, gets good low post position, finishes in paint, hits 15ftr, and blocks shots.

Kiana Montgomery ’20 6-1 PG (All Alabama Roadrunners) – Athletic, great motor, hits mid-range J, rebounds, and defends.

Allasha Dudley ’21 5-6 PG (All Alabama Roadrunners 2021) – Hits the mid-range and knocks down the 3 ball consistently and effortless, attacks and gets to the bucket off the dribble, makes the right pass, finishes on the break, and plays good defense.

Genesis Bryant ’20 5-7 PG (FBC BounceNation 2020 Jay) – Quick, very good handles, good passer, gets to basket off dribble, finishes on break.

Blaize Deere ’21 5-7 PG (Team Brandon Wright 2021 UAA) – Good long and mid-range shooter.

Ayana Boyd ’23 5-5 PG (FBC BounceNation 2023 Jeremy) – Decent handles, quick hands, good defender, scores in transition.

Savannah Dews ’21 6-2 SF (Team Brandon Wright 2021 UAA) Runs floor, finishes in paint, moves well without ball, defends the post.

Maya Cunningham ’21 5-11 PF (All Alabama Roadrunners 2021) – Good defender, runs floor, hits mid-range J in transition, scores in post, moves without ball, and hits boards.

Johnsheria Clement ’21 5-8 PG (All Alabama Roadrunners 2021) – Lefty, very good handles, gets to basket off dribble easily whenever she wants, finishes in transition, good court awareness.

Renata Watson ’22 5-3 PG (NYBA Girls 2020) – Decent defender, hits 3, good passer, not intimidated.

Randrea Wright ’21 5-6 PG/SG (All Alabama Roadrunners 2021) – Good handles, nice mid-range stroke, can knock down the 3, runs the show, good decision maker and passer.

Kailyn Farrell ’21 5-11 SF (RSD Lady Cobra Elite) – Nice size, moves well, runs floor, face up and get to the bucket off dribble, finishes at rim, board and go.

Janiah Green ’22 5-3 SG (FBC BounceNation 2020 Bria) – Deadly 3pt shooter. STRAIGHT MARKSMAN!! Can’t leave open.

Claira McGowan ’21 5-7 PG (Team Brandon Wright 2021 UAA) – Quick, good handles, scores, hits mid-range J off the dribble, knocks down the 3, good passer.

Kayli Clarkson ’23 6-0 PF (Team Brandon Wright 2022 Memphis Rise) – Banger, fights for good low post position, finishes strong, defends.

Kyra Long ’21 5-9 SG (All Alabama Roadrunners 2021) – Attacks off dribble, gets to basket, finishes in open court, fast with dribble.

Madison King ’20 5-11 PF (TN SOL) – Hard worker, demands ball, scores in post, hits mid-range, good foot movement on defense.

Reghan Grimes ’22 5-10 SF (Team Brandon Wright 2022 UAA) – Runs floor, finishes in transition, faces up and attacks, strong going to basket.

Alli Douglas ’20 5-11 SF (TN SOL) – Scores off the dribble, runs floor, rebounds, scores inside.

Sara Lewis ’23 5-11 SF (FBC BounceNation 2023 Jeremy) – Rebounds, runs floor, defends, gets to basket and finishes.

Mason Oberg ’20 5-5 PG (ABA Black WA) – Lights out 3 pt shooter.

Aubrey Blankenship ’23 6-0 SF (Team Brandon Wright 2022 UAA) – Gets to the basket, rebounds, hits the 3, decent handles,.smooth.

Sade Harrell ’21 5-11 SF (FBC BounceNation 2021) – Active defender rebounds, finishes in transition.

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