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Alabaster, ALABAMA – The Heat Ball Showdown is quickly growing into one of the best tune up events prior to Eval Weekend. The talent level and competition was off the charts. We were extremely impressed with the younger kids several showed that they are truly the future of our game. The following caught our attention and had standout performances:

Tahli King ‘21 6-1:C (AHE 2021) defends the paint with authority, moves well, and rebounds on both ends.

Morgan Wormley ‘21 5-10 F (AHE 2021) good passer from high post, and good defender with decent foot movement.

Camillie Jenkins ‘21 5-10 G (AHE 2021) has nice handles, attacks off the dribble, and knocks down the J from 3pt range.

Jaloni Cambridge ‘24 5-6 PG (FBC United The Family 16U) fast with the dribble, very good handles, attacks, good 1-on-1 defender, gets in passing lane, leads the break, and makes the right pass. Special, has that IT FACTOR!

Essence Cody ‘23 6-3 C (FBC United The Family 16U) tall, long arms, moves well, defends, and transitions ends well. Mature game, shot blocker, skilled, tremendous upside, can’t miss Power 5 prospect.

Ava Watson ‘24 5-6 G (FBC United The Family 16U) good 3pt shooter, knocks them down well and often.

Riley Donahue ‘20 5-8 W (Team Elite Legacy Southwest JR) active, moves well without ball, runs floor, gets out on break, finishes in transition, hits the 3, good attentiveness and reaction on D, and blocks shots.

Sophia D’Olivera ‘20 5-6 PG (Team Elite Legacy Southwest JR) fast, tough, athletic, good handles, breaks down the defense, makes the right pass, and hits the J from range.

Reeves Stratton ‘20 5-4 PG (MTP-Most Want It 2020) nice stroke, knocks down the mid-range and 3pt shot, and gets to the basket off the dribble.

Carly Keats ‘22 5-8 G (MTP-Most Want It 2020) hits the 3 from deep, good passer, very good court awareness, nice handles.

Mesha Scott 20‘ 6-1 F (MTP-Most Want It 2020) provides good target for passers while getting low post position, hits boards on both ends, works hard.

Amelia Osgood ’21 5-8 G/F (Team B-Wright 2021) lefty with sweet stroke on the J plus 3pt range, good handles, breaks down the defense with 3D (drive, draw, and dish).

Claira McGowan ‘21 5-6 PG (Team B-Wright 2021) decent handles, makes good passes, and knocks down the long range 3pt shot.

Nicole Egeruoh ‘21 6-0 C/P (Team B-Wright 2021) hard worker, aggressively hits the boards.

Eden Sample (17U FBC Black JG) nice mid-range J with a sweet 3, runs floor, finishes in transition, gets to bucket off bounce, hawking D, high energy.

Takia Davis (17U FBC Black JG) long, good paint defender, shot blocker, runs floor.

Jarreah Branch ‘25 5-7 PG (Alabama Thunder 2024) long, great size, decent handles, gets to bucket off dribble, good court vision, unselfish, makes the right pass.

Zoe Cooper ‘20 5-11 F/C (AHE 2020) defends paint, hits mid-range J, shot blocker, runs floor, lefty.

Delaney Trushel ‘20 5-10 G/F (Team B-Wright 2020) nice pull-up mid-range J off the bounce, attacks the defense, gets to the basket off dribble and finishes.

Reniya Kelly ’23 5-6 PG (FBC United The Family 16U) the definition of true point guard, showed the ability to distribute the rock as well as score at will, solid on ball defender, plays well beyond her age. Well on her way to becoming a Top 10 prospect.

Courtney Ogden 23’ 6-0 (FBC United The Family 16U) great size, 3 point stroke, defends, rebounds, runs floor athletic. Power 5 prospect.

Makayla Hobdy 23’ 5-0 (All Alabama Roadrunners 2023) small dynamic point guard, great command of her dribble, court vision excellent passer, solid defense loves to attack. Continue to watch

Bridget Utberg 22’ 5-8 (Georgia Metros) playmaker via disturbing and making good decisions or getting buckets, sweet midrange jumper that extends out to 3 point line, very skilled, court vision good passer likes to attack. Swag. Fun to watch. Power 5 prospect.

Carly Heidger 21’ 6-2 (Georgia Metros) college ready body, rebounds well both ends, runs the floor, space eater defends the paint, nice low post game. DI prospect mid to high major. Continue to watch

Ikenya King 20’ 6-3 (Georgia Metros) college frame, rebounds, solid defense, patrols the paint, nice midrange jumper. DI prospects

Savannah Dews 21’ 6-2 (Team B-Wright 2021) long athletic good size, runs the floor, solid defender, shot blocker, finishes well, nice midrange jumper. Huge upside DI prospect

Iyana Moore 21’ 5-10 (Team B-Wright 2021) scorer, great handles, loves to attack, solid on ball defender, Swag has a chance. Continue to watch. High major prospect

Madison Henegar ‘20 6-0 C (Team B-Wright 2020) hits boards on both ends, finishes in paint.

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