2019 Queen of the Court Classic

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’27 PG Carley Reyes – Carley is dynamic! Her feel for the game is off the charts. She utilizes great speed and quickness to keep defenders off balance. Reyes and her team played up in this tournament, but it didn’t faze the kid. She did a great job creating space between her and bigger defenders and when presented with any kind of room knocked down deep jumpers. Her intensity is contagious and her passion for defense is just as great as it is for offense. Carley is on track to be special.

’27 G Loghan Hamilton – I usually end up writing something about this kid each time I see her play because each time I see something different. Compared to other 4th graders, Loghan has unmatched size at the guard spot. She has a unique confidence about herself and is always under control. She utilizes her size to see over top of smaller defenders and sets teammates up for open shots. Her foot work is advanced, and she has big girl range. When she puts it all together and realizes how truly unstoppable she could be, she will be one of the best in the country.

’27 G Zoey Franklin – Zoey has a really good skill set for her age. She is very strong at the rim and in transition she does a good job getting to the rim. She is a good and willing passer. Franklin is a very steady and consistent player, which is rare for young guards.

’27 G Ty’Leeshea Williams – Ty’Leeshea is a really good finisher around the rim. She does a good job getting to open spots on offense and makes herself available. Williams has great athleticism.

’27 F Mariah Akinsola – Mariah is a rebounding machine. For a young player, she understands how to position herself to get a ton of rebounds. Akinsola does a good job attacking the rebounds at their highest point. She also understands the importance of keeping the ball high away from smaller guards when she is making moves in the painted area. If she continues to refine her offensive game, she will be tough to handle.

’26 G Jaidyn Gunter – Jaidyn is super rangy and athletic. She is nice of bounce and has a good flow and tempo to her game. She is fearless going to the rack and does not shy away from contact.

’26 F Chloe Lewis – Chloe has nice size and agility combined with impressive touch around the rim. Her back to basket game is solid over both shoulders. She does a great job using her size and length to defend the paint. Jackson is a go getter on the glass.

’26 PG Reiyan Dezouse – This lady gets better each time I see her play. Love how Reiyan paces herself and dictates the tempo of the game. She is a superior floor general that values every possession. She is efficient and solid with the ball in her hands. Dezouse can create off the bounce for herself and others.

’23 G Lilly Brown – Lilly Brow is a talented player with great basketball IQ. She is good at attacking creases off the bounce and utilizes angels to get to the rim. Brown understands the importance of spacing and does a great job balancing the floor in half court and transition situations.

’23 G Tajenae Gooden – Tajenae can do a lot on the basketball court. She is a complete knock down shooter. She can spot up and knock shots down off the bounce. Gooden has solid handles and is very crafty getting to the rim. She finds open spots against zone defense and is an impactful play maker around the basket.

’23 G/F Mariah Clayton – Mariah has off the charts athleticism. In the open floor Clayton is a blur. She has an explosive first step.  She is physical going to the basket and absorbs contact. Mariah is a solid two-way player. She utilizes her length and athleticism to make an impact on the defense end.

’23 F Kelly Mora – This kid just keeps elevating her game. Mora can obviously do somethings with her back to the basket but now she is facing up knocking down mid-range jumpers. Kelly has a nice first step for a big and can put the ball on the floor from about 15 feet out and get to the basket going left and right. She has a ton of heart and played with a sprained ankle most of this tournament.

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