2019 Southwestern AAU Grassroots Super Regional Championship

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’24 G Lydia Cooke-WigginsLydia is a very nice combo guard. She is very impact with the ball in hands and works well off the ball. On the ball she is shifty can go right to left and left to right with great pace. Off the ball, Cooke-Wiggins does a great job working off screens and using back cuts to get easy buckets. She is a good passer and very capable shooter from deep.

’24 P D‘Asia Thomas – D’Asia has outstanding size and she plays with high energy. She plays true to her size and has nice hands that enable her to make tough catches in traffic. Thomas does a good job being physical in the painted area. She rebounds the ball well and does a great job kicking it out to start breaks.

’24 P Justice CarltonLove Justice’s skill set. She has great size (still growing) that allows her to be impactful around the basket. Carlton has nice touch around the rim and is effective at attacking off the bounce elbow to elbow going left or right. Justice has a nose for the ball and attacks every rebound on the offensive and defensive end.

’24 G Micah CooperThe smooth lefty is long and rangy. She uses great size at the guard spot to get into the painted area and get high percentage shots. Cooper has a nice floater that neutralizes shot blockers. She is impactful in transition and makes the extra pass to get teammates good looks.

’24 G Paris Bradley – I love big guards with handles. Paris has great size and utilizes her size and strength to get to the bucket. She does a good job facilitating and she is a wonderful drive and kick player. Bradley gets after it on the defensive end as well.

’25 F Aniyah JohnsonAniyah is a solid ball handler that finishes strong at the rim. She is very smart with the ball in her hands and makes all the right plays.

’25 G Chloe Eversole – Chloe is a long athletic guard. She attacks angles very well and is a great slasher from the wings. Eversole rebounds well and can get the ball off the rim and go.

’23 G Jaylen MillsI love Jaylen’s attacking style. She is a supreme slasher and has an uncanny ability to draw fouls. She flat out gets to the basket and has one goal in mind when she gets there, get buckets. In transition Mills does a great job filling lanes and making herself available to get easy transition buckets.

’23 G Kadia Ward – Ward is a really good two-way player. She is very scrappy and plays extremely hard. Kadia is a crafty scorer and has a lot in the tool box. She does a good job getting to the rim and when she does, she absorbs contact and finishes. She is a tough shot maker.

’23 G Mackenzie AskewMackenzie is a versatile guard that can shoot with range. Her shooting ability puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the defense and forces them to extend pressure out, which opens the floor and unlocks the drive game for her and her teammates. She does a great job at penetrating and kicking to open teammates.

’23 P Allysia McDaniel – I have loved seeing this kid’s growth. I first saw her at a camp a couple of years ago and I was excited about her upside. McDaniel has grown into her skin and has become a super confident player. She is physical in the painted area. When she gets her hands on the ball she makes quick, smart decisions, and is determined to put the ball in the basket. She is a good passer out of the post and rebounds her butt off on both ends of the floor.

’23 G Stacey Williams – Stacey understands what it takes to be a point guard. She runs the show for her team and has a confident demeanor that you want your point guard to have. She knows when to attack and score vs when to get her teammates involved. When she fully understands how she can impact the game and takeover from all aspects she will be super special.

’28 F Keliah Thomas-BrowneKeliah is a super agile and athletic young player. She has nice size and versatility. She has a knack for getting loose balls around the rim. Keliah is not done growing and has a bright future.

’27 G Loghan HamiltonLoghan Hamilton has a huge upside. She has good size at the guard spot. Her basketball IQ is off the charts and she has a great feel for the game. Hamilton sees the floor well and does a great job finding open teammates. She finishes with contact at the rim and can knock down shots from the outside. This kid has just scratched the surface of unlocking her max potential.

’27 G Jayde Martinez – I was very impressed with Jayde Martinez. She is a very crafty ball player. She does a great job getting her shot off over size. Martinez has a nice runner and floater. She handles the ball well against pressure. She has a nose for the ball defensively and applies tough on ball pressure.

’25 G Kierstan RussellRussell has a quick first step and gets by defenders in a hurry. There are no wasted dribbles or motions for Kierstan, which makes her super impactful at getting to the rim. When she gets there she is definitely going to finish strong.

’26 G Reiyan Des – Rieyan has a calm presence about her on the court. She always seems under control and in command of the situation.

’25 G Kaylinn KempKaylinn Kemp can flat out go. She is a very efficient player and utilizes good footwork to get easy buckets. Kemp is one of those players that doesn’t need the ball in her hands to score. She impacts the game with not only her scoring ability but her smarts and effort. She understands the importance of spacing and movement on the floor. Her game will keep evolving over the next few years.

’25 G Raniyah Hunt – Raniyah is dynamic on and off the ball. It is extremely difficult for defenders to stay in front of her and keep her away from the basket. As impressive as her skills off the bounce are here skills to work off the ball and put herself in open spaces to receive passes from teammates for higher percentage shots. Hunt has extended shooting range. I love her passion for the game

Congrats to all the champions:
NTX Elite – 3rd Grade DC Queens ’27 (Orange) – 4th Grade
Cy Fair Elite ’26 (Lewis) – 5th Grade
Cy Fair Elite ’25 (Lewis) – 6th Grade
Lady Drive Nation Elite ’25 – 6th Grade Classic Bracket
Cy Fair Elite ’24 – 7th Grade
Cy Fair Elite ’23 (Coop) – 8th Grade

Congrats to all the 2019 Southwestern AAU Grassroots All Americans:
’28 Keliah Thomas-Browne
’28 Chasia Allen
’28 Sariyah Crater
’28 Jordan Lewis
’27 Loghan Hamilton
’27 McKenzie King
’27 Angel Lynch
‘27 Payton Jones
’27 Kiylah Long
’26 Jillian Topping
’26 Jaidyn Gunter
’26 Ebony Bell
’26 McKenzie White
’26 Madison McGhie
’25 Raniyah Hunt
’25 Camille Williams
’25 Meggyn Meekins
’25 Jamira Milton
’25 Laila Holmes
’25 Hanna Gaylor
’24 Justice Carlton
’24 Micah Cooper
’24 Mar’Lyah Willis
’23 D’Asia Thomas
’23 Paris Bradley (2023)
’23 McKenzie Mitchell
’23 Allysia McDaniel

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