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We had a chance to attend the 7th annual Queen of the Court Classic and I was highly impressed with the level of play and the talent showcased. I love watching kids compete and there were some really good matchups at the event. As much as I would have loved to each and every baller at every location, I was not able to see every game. The games that I did catch were exciting and filled with loads of talent that provided me with tons of good content for write ups and evaluations. Below is a list of kids that stood out to me as write up worth this past weekend.

DC Queens (Silver) ’26 G Rieyan Desouze – Rieyan has end to end speed and gets to the rim with urgency. She finishes at the rim and finishes with contact.

DC Queens (Silver) ’26 G Journee Hampton – Ms. Journee is an exciting kid to watch. Her aggressive attacking style of play is second to none. Hampton displayed a ton of speed and quickness. Her first step is super quick and gives defenders no time to react. Journee looked as if she was shot of rocket when as she explodes to the basket. She uses her speed and quickness to cause havoc on the defense end. This kid has lots of potential and is one to watch.

DC Queens (Silver) ’26 F Kendall Foster – Kendall has nice touch around the rim. She is equipped with length, athleticism, and agility that make her a threat around the basket. Foster displayed good footwork while maneuvering in the painted area. She converted difficult shots.

DC Queens (Silver) ’26 G MaKenzie White – MaKenzie is a supreme slasher. Not only does she get inside at will, she is super-efficient and doesn’t miss layups. White has great size at the guard spot and uses her size to play over the top of the defense.

Lady Bears ’26 PG Kamil Ajose – Kamil can flat out handle the rock. Pressure doesn’t bother her. She was consistently a one girl press break. Ajose passes the ball well and at a very young age demonstrated high situational awareness.

Lady Bears ’26 F Rihyana Kinsey – Rihyana is a high energy player. Her hustle was none stop and usually contributed to positive plays for her team. Most good defenders are high energy players and Kinsey is a good on the ball defender. Her quick hands and feet often lead to deflections and steals for her team.

Lady Bears ’26 G Cra’Lajah Bradley – Bradley’s game is solid. In the open floor she is a blur. She has the ability to create contact and get to the line.

DC Queens (Orange) ’23 G Crislyn Rose – Crislyn has a great skill set and possess the ability to make the difficult look easy. She is a tremendous ball handler and does a great job of setting up defenders off the bounce. Rose’s game extends out to the three put line. Her ability handling the rock and shooting the three is a lethal combination which leads to a lot of easy shots at the rim. *Must Watch*

DC Queens (Orange) ’23 G Tristen Taylor – This youngin can straight up go. Tristen lives in the paint. She has fantastic body control and command of the ball at all times. She can operate within the flow of the offense but handle herself in unstructured situations when plays break down. Taylor plays extremely big for her size and often finishes above the trees. *Must Watch*

DC Queens (Orange) ’23 F Zaniya Johnson-Andrews – Zaniya uses her size to do all the intangible things. She does a good job rebounding the basketball and uses her size well to hold position on defense. She moves well laterally and runs the floor well. I think Zaniya has a huge upside and will continue to grow as a basketball player.

Houston Skyrise ’23 G/F Peyton Overton – Peyton displayed great athleticism and a burst attacking the basket. She explodes of the ground and demonstrated a good vertical to get her shot off over defenders.

Team Motivate ’23 F Ke’Ana Lemott – Lemott is long and athletic. She does a great job of playing tall and finishing around the rim. Ke’Ana is effective off the dribble and on the block. She scores well with her back to the basket and is a willing and able passer. *Must Watch*

NTX Tarheels (White) ’23 F/P Kayla Powell – Kayla has wonderful size and uses it well. Powell positions herself well to get rebounds and does a great job of keeping the ball high away from defenders. She runs the floor well and does a great job diving into the paint to establish position. Kayla has a huge upside.

DC Queens (Silver) ’23 G Madison Martin – Madison is efficient in the open court. She is always probing and surveying the scene looking for open teammates. She creates for her teammates and passes them to open areas.

Houston Skyrise ’21 G Haleen Harris – Haleen is an awesome combo guard. She brings it on both ends of the court. Harris is a strong ball handler and does a good job creating space between her and the defender. She is efficient and steady in half court situations and simply doesn’t turn the ball over. She is a physical on the ball defender and gerneates a ton of pressure on ball handlers.

Houston Skyrise ’20 F Morgan Hill – Morgan is a super athletic and rangy. She uses her long arms and springs to snag boards and finish above the defense. Hill demonstrated good quickness on defense. She is outstanding at playing the passing lanes and gets off the floor quickly to block shots and keep them in play. Morgan runs the floor well and goes straight towards the basket. She is highly effective around the rim and has a high motor. *Must Watch*

DC Queens (Silver) ’23 G Jaylah Wright – Jaylah does a great job getting into the paint. She is very good at making quick decisions and using her quick first step and long stride to get to the basket. When she gets into the lane she can finish with contact.

Cy Fair Shooters ’23 G Gisella Maul – Gisella has a silky smooth and well-rounded game. The electric lefty is highly effective in structured and unstructured situations. She is a dead eye shooter with text book form. She has nice touch around the basket and is wonderful in transition with and without the ball. Maul has all the tools to be an unstoppable offensive player. Her balance and ability to finish with contact is awesome. Gisella’s talent goes beyond the offensive end. She is a solid defender with good lateral movement and quick hands. Look forward to watching her grow. *Must Watch*

Cy Fair Shooters ’23 F Maddie Cox – I enjoyed watching Maddie ball. She has nice size and is super agile. Cox runs the floor really well and plays with high energy. She does a good job establishing herself inside. She takes advantage of her size and plays tall and demonstrated nice touch around the rim.

Cy Fair Shooters ’23 Amarachi Kimpson – Kimpson is a floor general. Her blazing speed allows her to blow by defenders. Amarachi distributes the ball well.

North Texas Lights Out ’20 PF Adhel Tac – Love love love Adhel Tac’s game. She is one of the most well rounded players out. On the interior she finishes with both hands, displays a soft touch, and at times can be dominant. She has talent of the dribble and is a precise passer of the dribble or with her back to the basket. Tac uses here awesome frame and length to disrupt three point attempts, block sheets, and cause havoc on the inside. She is a good pick and roll defender, displayed decent foot speed, and lateral movement. *Must Watch*

North Texas Lights Out ’20 F Jene’ Samuels – Jene’ showed great footwork and finishes with both hands around the basket. Samuels has a solid frame and plays strong around the basket. She is a solid rebounder and is hard to move on the both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

North Texas Lights Out ’20 PG Makenna Long – I enjoy watching point guards that command the offense and play intelligent basketball. Makenna Long is the epitome of a floor general. She is a dead eye shooter from anywhere on the court.

Quick hitter shout outs to these dynamic kids!

DC Queens (Orange) ’23 G Victoria Flores – Basketball IQ is off the charts along with pretty much everything else about her game.

Lubbock Nitro ’23 G Jaelyn Morrison – Super athletic player that is hard to keep out of the paint and she scores at will.

Lubbock Nitro ’23 PG Heaven Limon – Steady guard that understands the game and makes all the right plays.

Pro Skills ’22 G Jazzy Owens – Tremendous versatile talent that can impact the game in a multitude of ways.

Pro Skills ’22 G Bre Davis – Super skilled guard with size that score from anywhere on the floor.

GBD1 ’22 PG Cam McKinney – Controls tempo, dynamic passer, and makes the game look too easy at times.

NTX Tarheels ’22 F Jiya Perry – A combination of physicality, agility, and skill. Is a hard player to defend facing up and with her back to the basket.

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