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Desoto, TX February 26, 2017 -This is my second year covering the Generation Next Middle School Showcase and it keeps getting better and better. Of course the game which is played with an all-star game flare, highlights some of the most talented middle school girls in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It always an honor for me to be able to sit courtside and watch the girls ball out.

Class of ‘22

5’6 PG Cammie McKinney – When I first saw Cammie play at a DC Queens tournament in Desoto last year, my jaw dropped. The kid is flat out exciting to watch. She has supreme court vision and just about always make the right basketball play. McKinney is a very willing passer and possess a unique ability to pass her teammates open. She is dynamic in the open floor. Cammie has a nice midrange game highlighted by a tough floater and uses her pinpoint handles to get to the rim. Cammie’s stock is extremely high and she has the ability to be a top PG in her class. Must Watch

5’5 SF Faith Horton – I was very impressed with Faith’s effort and the way she attacked the glass. She was probably one of the more aggressive rebounders at the event. Horton does a great job establishing her position in the paint to get offensive rebounds and used her lower body well to box out to grab defensive rebounds.

5’7 G Kyla Deck – Kyla is one of the best all-around players that I have seen in her age group. Not to mention, she plays really really hard. I get excited when I see a young two-way player. Deck mixes it up on the offense side of the ball. She showed off her ability to slash and get to the rim. When she penetrates she can make accurate passes in tight space, or she can finish with contact. Kyla is very good at drawing contact and getting to the line. Her tenacity on defense should not be overshadowed by her offensive skill set.

5’8 SG Naidya Cooper – Naidya was if not the best, one of the best defenders playing in the showcase. I was impressed with Cooper’s laterally movement guarding ball handlers. She made it really tough for some of the best young ball handlers to get to the basket. Naidya’s understanding of help side defense and her ability to play the passing lanes are advanced beyond her age.

5’8 SG Kailee Deffebaugh – Kailee is an outstanding basketball players who possess a well-rounded game. She is a threat from just about anywhere on the court. She can face up and play with her back to the basket. Its obvious that she has post and guard capabilities. If a big is guarding she uses her athleticism to beat them down the court and has the ability to put the ball on the floor and drive around the defender. If you put a guard on her she is smart enough to understand that she needs to get that player on her back and punish them in the post area. Kailee has nice hands which allow her to make tough catches in traffic and finish strong around the rim. Keep an eye on this young lady as she continues to grow mentally and physically. The sky is the limit. Must Watch

5’10 P Adabugwa Anamekwa – Adabugwa displayed a ton of length and athleticism. Those are two very key attributes when it comes to playing basketball. Anamekwa has nice touch around the rim. When she rebounds or catches the ball in the paint she did a great job of keeping the ball away from pesky guards. She will keep growing and developing skill wise and become more of a threat on the offensive end.

6’2 PG/P Samyah Smith – Samyah does a great job of using her size and length to protect the paint. Smith plays tall and does a great job playing straight up when it comes to contesting shots. That is usually a hard thing for younger players to do. She is active on defense and has great hands. Samyah deflected balls on defense. She did a great job making herself available for post entries on offense. You can’t teach size and if she continues to work on her back to the basket game and footwork she will be tough to guard.

5’10 PG/P Ashia McSwain – Ashia is a matchup problem on the basketball court. She is a big guard that can see over the top of the defense. She is a strong ball handler in fast break and half court situations. McSwain uses her body and size to offset tough on ball pressure from defenders. Her physicality allows her to absorb contact more than most guards and allows her to be super effective when going up against post players.

5’5 PG Michayla Gatewood – Michayla is an exciting player to watch and has a lot swag in her game. Gatewood is a top notch ball handler and has great understanding of tempo. She is really good in iso situations and does a great job breaking down defenders. Must Watch

5’7 PG/SG Jamia Harris – Jamis has the makeup of a true point guard. Her ball handling and penetrating abilities are high quality. She is a high energy player that brings it on every possession. Harris draws a lot of attention on her way to the basket and does an outstanding job drawing defenders and then kicking it out to open 3 point shooters. Must Watch

6’3 P Tionna Herron – Tionna probably has the most upside out of all the true post players that participated in the showcase. Herron plays tall which is not the case for most younger players. She did a great job of catching and finishing high. Tionna can also step out about 15 feet and knock down shots which is a huge asset for any big. I am going to enjoy watching her progress over the next few years.

5’11 SF/PF Jiya Perry – Jiya Perry is a must see on the basketball court. The versatile forward has an attacking style of play on both ends of the court. Perry showcased a skill set that is second to none. Jiya does a great job attacking the rim. She finishes with both hands around the basket and showed of a nice midrange game. The basketball always finds her and she knows what to do with it when it does. Perry is as physical as they come. She attacks the boards, is super athletic, and routinely out jumped opponents. Jiya has a super bright future. Must Watch

5’4 PG Sanaa Showers – Sanaa showed that she can consistently knock down shots from the 3-point line and even a few feet behind it. Showers uses that bulls eye shooting to set defenders up with great ball fakes. She demonstrated wonderful footwork and is a very shifty player.

5’9 SG Laila McCleod – Is a lunch pale type of player. When she steps on the court she is about business and grinds every possession out. She is a tremendous rebounding guard and is extremely hard to box out. McCleod does a great job of anticipating where the ball is going to come off the rim. One thing is for sure, Laila attacks the ball and doesn’t let too many hit the ground.

5’10 Dynasty Coe – Dynasty is a very active ball player. She is quick, fast, and lengthy. Coe gets out in transition and fills the lanes well. She is a tough shot maker and spends a lot of time at the free throw line.


Class of ‘21

5’11 PF/P Mickey Eddins – Mickey is a very gifted post player. She can put the ball on the floor and maneuver around defenders that try and guard her. In addition to being able to put the ball on the floor Eddins can stretch the floor, hit shots free throw line extended, and from behind the arc. Eddins has really nice touch around the basket.

5’8 SF Jada Goynes – Jada displayed great end to end speed with the basketball in her hand. She initiated a ton of fast breaks and put pressure on the defense by pushing the ball every time she had an opportunity.

5’9 PG/SG Jasmine Shavers – Not only do I love this kids game, I love her passion and flare. Shavers has an effortless game and from time to time makes difficult things look easy. I can’t really tell you anything that she doesn’t do well. Jasmine can get dirty and eat in the paint and she can put defenders on skates with her handle. When defenders try to give her space, she can knock down perimeter shots. Jasmine is definitely worth the price of admission. Must Watch

5’8 F Trinity White – Trinity has a lot of potential and opportunity to grow into a top flight basketball player. Her basketball savvy is off the charts. Trinity plays well with her back to the basket and makes plays passing and scoring from the block. White is a versatile defender that uses great center of gravity to defend the post and can get out and defend guards in switching situations on pick and rolls.

5’6 PG/SG Kendall Parker – Ms. Parker is terrific basketball player. Her efficiency is off the charts. She contributes in so many ways on the basketball court. Kendall displayed great body control and balance. She uses that great body control and on point ball handling to maneuver around tight defense. Parker is a threat from 3 as well. You have to pay attention to her if you are on the opposing team.

5’8 PG Alaina Payne – Alaina is a slasher extraordinaire. One person was not going to stop her from getting into the painted area off the dribble. Payne is a really solid defender.

5’3 PG Zoe Jackson – One of my favorite players, not just in her class but period. This young lady can flat go. Zoe’s ability to set defenders up off the dribble is nasty. She gets wherever she wants on the court, usually to the rim. Zoe is a nightmare in the open court (reminds me of Kyrie). The smooth lefty has a sweet stroke from deep and high level midrange game. On defense, Jackson showed quick hands and great lateral quickness. The kid is tough and I look forward to watching her ball out in high school and at a high level after that. Must Watch

5’7 PG/SG Evie Goetz – The best shooter at this event was Evie. She consistently knocked down threes from deep. Goetz is not just shooter. There were opportunities that she could have settled for what for her are layups, but she demonstrated the ability to put the ball on the floor and get to the rack. Throw in some solid rebounding and you have a pretty good basketball player.

5’8 PG/SG Jordyn Newsome – Jordyn Newsome is an athletic talent. She runs fast, jumps high, and is a strong basketball player. She literally skied above the opposition and her own teammates to snag balls out of the air. Jordyn often glided to the hoop and finished over the top of bigs.

5’11 SF/P Amaya Brannon – Amaya is a player that just jumps out at you when you see her play. She has the length of a big but the quickness of a guard. She is impactful on the basketball court inside the painted area and on the perimeter.

5’5 PG Kayla Glover – Kayla is a floor general that does a great job of getting her teammates organized and in the right place. She always has a cool demeanor about her and is not impacted by pressure at all. She does a great job of creating good floor space and directing traffic for her team. Kayla is always looking up the floor to create fast break opportunities.

5’7 SG/SF Ariyanna Hines – Ariyanna is bonified scorer. The girl has a nose for the ball and finds ways to get buckets. She moves well without the ball and gets a lot of buckets off of loose balls.

5’4 PG Kiara Jackson – Kiara is not a flashy player but does the things you need your PG to do on the basketball court. She is the ultimate pass first PG. Jackson is sneaky quick and has a nice hesitation dribble that she uses to get by defenders.

5’8 SF/F Mya Williams – Mya is as tough as nails. The versatile forward is crafty and does a wonderful job of using her body to get defenders off balance.

5’9 F Kendall Brown – “KB” Kendall Brown has the potential to be one of the top players in her class. She has an off the chart skill set. She possesses the aggression of a dominate post and the finesse and quickness of a top flight guard. Brown has tremendous footwork and can play at least 3 positions on the court. Must Watch

5’9 SG/SF Destini Coe – Destini showed off her ability to run the floor and finish in traffic. She gives max effort and did a good job getting to the free throw line.

6’0 C Nerro Maluw – Maluw is an active big that displayed good athleticism. She is a good shot blocker and does a good job using her length to show on screens.

5’3 PG/SG Portia Adams – I was on the edge of my seat watching this young lady ball. Portia Adams put in work this past weekend. Adams had the ball on a string and rocked defenders back and forth with her in out moves and crossovers. She has a sick off the dribble pull up and a lighting quick release. Portia was strictly business out there Sunday. I love her take no prisoners mentality on the basketball court. Must Watch

5’6 SG Tamia Flores – Tamia’s game keeps improving each year. She is a deadly spot up shooter and has a quick first step going both directions. She is an impactful defender and moves her feet well defending the ball.

See Award Winners Below:


MVP – Michayla Gatewood

OFF. MVP Cammie McKinney

DEF. MVP Jiya Perry


CO MVP – Zoe Jackson & Jasmine Shavers

OFF. MVP – Portia Adams

DEF. MVP – Trinity White


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