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Basketball on Bayou

NEW ORLEANS, La.— Basketball on the Bayou is always a great event with 305 teams playing in front of over 300 colleges and close to 400 college coaches and scouts from all over the nation. The atmosphere and mixture of players were just the right ingredients to make for a great event. And just like a good bowl of gumbo the Bayou always leaves you somewhat satisfied yet wanting more. BallN Prep made it point to check out the talent of all ages. Below is glimpse at several players along with some quick hitters from the 2016 Bayou.

RaVon Nero 5-9 Guard (OK Dream Elite 17U) – There are a lot of adjectives that could be used to describe Nero’s game. Let’s start with smooth, versatile, or just simply, nice. The do it all guard can put the ball on the floor and attack off the dribble going left and right. Nero has an effortless stroke from three. She finishes at the rim with both hands and does a really good job of exploding to the rim. Nero is a hard nose defender goes hard. Nero is a player to watch major DI potential.

Kelsey Marshall (Essence Purple TipHayes) has always been a threat with the ball in her hands and the 5-9 2017 combo guard used the weekend to remind defenders that she can create her own looks almost at will. Explosive and strong, the ability is there to get defenders leaning or coming out of their stance getting Marshall deep in the paint time and again. The physical build serves her well finishing against bigs who rotate her way but her interior passing is something that will keep coaches and teammates alike happy. The tools are there to play multiple spots in the backcourt and she can be a factor in the halfcourt as well as on the break.

Dynamic 6-2 forward Maya Dodson (Essence Purple TipHayes) The Georgia native top 3 choices are Notre Dame, Tennessee and Stanford, has planted herself among the most promising on the scholastic level and while she’s already an been an impact player, the best may be yet to come. Bigger and stronger are not words opponents want to hear, particularly when she’s putting them to use with more and more authority. Defensively Dodson is a shot blocking presence that changes the attack of any player coming her way. That same length and agility put her in a position to be dominant on the boards against any lineup. Offensively she’s efficient but still evolving.

Rennia Davis (Essence Purple TipHayes) The 6-3 wing has been making plenty of noise for several years now but has yet to find the consistency that will keep her in that elite conversation. At her best she’s got as much potential as anyone in the class but she’s yet to find the game in – game out productivity that is the hallmark of the top tier of any age group. This weekend she put together back to back days of strong play and appeared to be playing with more confidence. With the size, skills and athleticism she brings to the table she can meet anyone’s expectations. It will be interesting to see what she expects from herself. The possibilities are endless.

Kasiyahna Kushkituah (FBC Mo 2017) from Austell, Georgia. The 6-3 Kushkituah has a long athletic build, long arms nice wing span. She defended the post really well. The 2017 prospect was blocking shots and battling for every rebound. Additionally, she ran the floor well, and showed ability to finish in paint with either hand. Kushkituah did an excellent job battling in the paint.

Camille Buckhanon 6-3 (Alabama Heat Ward) Talladega, Alabama native. A 6-3 forward with plenty of upside. She is very active at both ends of the court. Buckhanon has a solid college body and has the ability to shoot out to 17 feet. She is a great rebounder and runs the floor extremely well and can finish in traffic. Buckhanon isn’t afraid to put the ball on the floor in traffic or under pressure. She has a powerful low-post game to go along with a nice face up game. Defensively, Buckhanon did a good job protecting the paint. Her offensive skill set will only get better with time the 2018 prospect is definitely one to watch. Buckhanon is a major DI prospect.

Bianca Jackson 5-11 Wing (FBC Mo 2017)- Watching Jackson, the Montgomery, Alabama native, she reminded me of NBA All-Star Dwayne Wade. She tenaciously attacked the passing lanes with reckless abandon and defended the perimeter, consistently hounding her opposition into turnovers with steal after steal. Offensively Jackson can do it all. She scores from every way imaginable attacking off the dribble with a really sweet combination of a crossover into a step-back jumper. Jackson continued the onslaught by penetrating the paint with a purpose, looking to score or create opportunities for teammates and she succeeded on both counts. Jackson has the best midrange jumper regardless of class.

Point guard Khayla Pointer (Team Elite Pointer) the LSU commit a 5-7 floor general from Marrietta, Georgia patterned her game after NBA All-Star and current Clipper Chris Paul or CP3. Pointer the niece of LSU Head Coach Nikki Caldwell, Pointer likes to attack off the dribble, with either hand, looking to create contact and finish in traffic. She did an excellent job driving and dishing to teammates. Pointer also showed the willingness to manufacturer her shot by attacking off the bounce as well as consistently draining the spot up jumper. Pointer did a great job of pushing the ball up the floor on made and missed baskets. She played aggressive at both end of the court and has a knack for being around the ball. Pointer rebounds well for her position and is an excellent on ball defender. Pointer did a super job watching and learning from one of the best point guards in the world and is well on her way to being a female version of CP3.

Amaz Carmichael 2018 6-4 (Alabama Heat Elite 2018) Athletic bigs are always in high demand. Carmichael is one to watch. She banged down low and runs the floor well. Was impressed with her toughness and athletic ability. She has an athletic frame and she didn’t shy away from contact. Carmichael finished well in the paint and used her long arms to rebound effectively. She has a nice touch around the rim and a nice face up game. Showed the ability to defend multiple positions. Her game is still evolving definitely worth watching. Carmichael has Mid to Major DI potential.

Jazime Massengill 2018 6-0 (FBC Hunt) Versatile big guards are always in demand and Jazmine Massengill from Harrison, Tennessee will be just that…in demand. Massengill is an smooth athletic point guard with a college frame. She has the ability to play multiple positions. She has excellent command of her dribble, which includes a killer crossover, which she uses to attack the paint and drops dimes or finishes at the rack. Massengill has a sweet shot that extends out to 3pt line with the ability to be a lockdown defender. She plays with a lot of swag and expect Massengill to be considered among the top of her class.

Elizabeth Balogun 2018 6-1 (FBC Hunt) Balogun is long and lean with a good reach. She anticipates every move and reacts with cat-like stealthiness. This allows her to be a step ahead of her opponents. On offense she has three point range with catch and shoot ability. Her best asset/strength is putting it on the floor. Balogun knocks down the mid-range jumper effortlessly and when challenged keeps her dribble takes it to the hoop finishing strong or droping the dime to an open teammate. Balogun has the length and desire to be a lockdown defender. Balogun can and will do it all. Keep eyes on.
Sarah Andrews 2020 5-7 (Pro Skills) Been watching Andrews since 4th grade and she is special and on another level. She has Jewel Lloyd athleticism as a 5-7 point guard. She has a high motor and a very high basketball IQ. Beautiful arc on her 3 point shot that touches nothing but net. She finishes at the rim with great body control and catches lobs. Defensively she can impact the game on the ball in the passing lanes and with super athletic shot blocking.

Mariah Jones 2018 5-5 OK Dream Elite 17U True point guard are a joy to watch Jones showcased all of the necessary skills to a college point guard. She used her speed and quickness to blow past opposing defenders and finish at the rim against bigger stronger players. Despites Jones size she finds a way to beat the double team and create for her team. Jones, a lefty, is developing a consistent 3 point stroke to go with her excellent command of the dribble to keeps defenses honest. She has great court vision and a high level basketball IQ. She’s at her best in the open flow she pushes the ball and does a great job distributing the rock with Jason Kidd type precision. Jones a good on ball defender plays with attitude and toughness. Sleeper Major DI prospect.

Taja Cummings 2017 5-4 (FBC Mo 2017) Every team needs a quality floor general and point guard Taja Cummings of East Point, Georgia and Georgia Tech commit, demonstrated a stellar all-around game. Cummings likes to attack off the dribble with either hand and looks to create contact as she finishes in traffic. She also showed the willingness to manufacturer her shot by attacking off the bounce but was just as comfortable draining the spot up jumper or three point efforts. Cummings did a great job of pushing the ball up the floor on both made and missed baskets. She played aggressive at both ends of the court and showed a knack for being around the ball. She dropped several timely dimes at crunch time as well. Cummings is a solid DI prospect.
Tatyana Wyatt 2017 6-3 (FBC Mo 2017) If you’re in need of an athletic interior player that plays hard and hustles then the 6-3 Wyatt from Columbus, Georgia is your prospect. She has a long athletic body with an extended reach that takes up space in the lane. Wyatt plays a very aggressive game at both ends of the court. She has a nice low-post attack and finishes well in the paint as well at the end of the fast break. Wyatt also showed that she has a smooth face-up game. She used those long arms and good leaping ability to dominant the boards. Defensively she defended the low post and perimeter efficiently while adding several blocked shots. Wyatt has a nice upside that will translate well at the next level.


Day’Neshia Bank(Essence Purple TipHayes) s – 2017 – 5-10 – Forward – Jacksonville, Florida – Aggressive and active swing player…Works well inside but destined for the perimeter…Strong physical game…Creates her own…Tools are there

Channise Lewis (Essence Purple TipHayes) – 2017 – 5-8 – Guard – Miami, Florida – Athletic guard…Strong off the dribble…Slashes into the paint…Makes plays…Too tight in weakside defense

Rhyne Howard – 2018 – 6-0 Guard FBC Hunt – Solid athletic and very scrappy at both ends…Good handles…Not afraid to attack…Excellent passer…Solid defender…Huge upside

Brooke Moore – 2018 -5-6 Guard –(FBC Mo 2017)- Smooth and athletic…Good handles…Crisp passer…Sees the entire floor…Has midrange jumper and three point range…Nice pull up off the dribble…Good defender

Nichel Tampa – 2017- 5-5 Guard (FBC Mo 2017)- Extremely athletic…Explosive off the bounce…Great passer with excellent court vision…Solid on ball defender…Good handles…Speedy

Jessika Carter (Georgia Jaguars) – 2018 6-3 Post– Long and athletic…Runs the floor…nice low post game on both ends…Worth watching

Mikayla Coombs (FBC Mo 2017)– 2017 – 5-9 Guard – Uconn commit Buford, GA – Smooth midrange shot…Can knock it down from beyond the arc…Good ball handling skills…Went right and left equally well… Very athletic and finishes…strong in paint

Lia Roberson (Alabama Heat Elite 2018) – 2018 – 5-10 Guard – Homewood, Ala. – Long and athletic…Great court vision…Solid on ball defender…Shoots well from 15-20 feet…Mature calmness…Ability to attack the paint…High basketball IQ

Tori Webb (Alabama Heat Elite 2018)– 2018 – 6-2 Post – Homewood AL – Great length…Runs floor…Communicates well…Tough…Battles on the boards…Good foot work…Strong low post defense…Finishes in paint…Huge upside

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