2016 AAU Girls 8th Grade National Championship

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Orlando, FL – The next stop for the BallN Prep gang is the wonderful ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. It’s the host spot for the nation’s top 8th graders to come and compete in a mecca that’s built for competition. All baller’s came with the same goal in mind… to win a championship. While that’s not possible, they all can put their best effort forth and display what makes them special. I must say they didn’t disappoint but, some stood out a little more and we have them listed below. These are the standout performers that caught our eye.

Chamiya Clark ’21 C Florida Future 8th 2020 – Big body, strong, rebounds well, patrols paint on D, finishes well around bucket, decent shot out to 12 feet.

Janay Outten ’21 G/PG Florida Future 8th 2020 – Quick, attacks basket of the dribble, good quick foot movement on D, finishes in the open court.

O’mariah Gordon ’21 G/PG Florida Future 8th 2020 – Quick, fast off the dribble, gets to the bucket off dribble with ease, stop and pop midrange shot, good 3pt shooter, excellent defender, aggressive on both ends, good excellent foot speed.

Ashanti Frazier ’20 5’3 PG CT Northstars – Quick, good handles, gets to the bucket off dribble.

Elizabeth Litwinko ’20 5’5 PG CT Northstars – Nice handles, good passer, takes it to the hoop off the dribble, quick hands on defense.

Cheyenne Stubbs ’21 G Florida Future 8th 2020 – Good passer, quick, knocks down the 3, nice handles, attacks D and gets to the bucket, good midrange jumper.

MacKenzie Daleba ’20 5’10 W Metro Boston – Nice frame, deceptive speed, good handles, finishes on break, scores in paint, good anticipation on D, good passer, unselfish.

Rhonasha Stevenson ’20 PG CT-Heights – Good first step, quick off the dribble, good handles, takes it to the hole, not afraid/intimidated.

Staci Greene ’20 PG Dayton Flight 2020 – CAROLINA – Good 3pt shooter, unselfish, decent handles.

Madeline Westheld ’20 F Dayton Flight 2020 – CAROLINA – Smooth, scores inside and outside effectively, good passer, runs floor.

Olivia Daniels ’20 W/F Dayton Flight 2020 – CAROLINA – Good rebounder, gets rebound off the glass and pushes it up floor on dribble, decent handles, nice midrange jumper, good passer, runs floor.

Ghynaia Morgan ’20 PG CT-Heights – Thin, good defender with long arms, good 3pt shooter.

Amaya Dowdy ’20 5’11 C Team Providence Silver – Great size, moves well, long arms, gets decent post position.

Kayla Henning ’20 PG Full Package-Stewart – Good handles, 3pt range, fast, gets to bucket off dribble, finishes on the break, good defense.

Lauren Jordan ’20 5’8 PG YES! Program – Good team leader, gets to bucket off dribble, good at drawing fouls, good FT shooter, good team defender, deceptive foot speed.

Sidney Shephard ’20 5’5 PG Louisville Jaguars 2020 – Good handles, excellent court vision, good passer, attacks, tough D.

Alexandra “Sasha” Goforth ’20 W Arkansas Mavericks – Long, nice midrange J, good paint defender, big wingspan, decent handles.

Zoey Whiteley ’20 PG Arkansas Mavericks – Knocks down the 3 with ease, attacks in open court and on the break, finishes strong at the basket, good handles, good team/help defender.

Ja’Naiya Quinerly ’21 5’5 G BWSL Norfolk Xpress – Good handles, deep 3pt range, quick hands and feet on D, fast, quick crossover and explosion to the hoop.

Tinesha Gregory ’20 5’11 C BWSL Norfolk Xpress – Solid frame, moves well, gets up and down the floor with ease, finishes around the basket, patrols paint on defese with attitude.

Tiyanna James ’20 5’6 PG BWSL Norfolk Xpress – Very good handles, good passer, drive and dish, not afraid to take it to the bigs.

Nyah Stallings ’20 W Greensboro Lady Gaters 2020 – Decent handles, good court vision and passing, nice running floater, finishes on the break and in open court, knocks down the 3 with accuracy, hawking D.

Jordyn Jenkins ’20 6’0 F Emerald City Swish Black 2020 – Nice size, decent D, blocks shots, nice scoring touch in the paint.

Nakia Boston ’20 5’7 W Emerald City Swiss Black 2020 – Gets to the basket off the dribble, decent 3pt and midrange J, decent defender.

Britney Range ’20 5’9 W North Florida Blue Heat Girls – Good 3pt shooter, decent handles.

Skylar Baltezegar ’21 6’0 C North Florida Blue Heat Girls – Lefty, soft hands, scores effectively in the paint.

Liesl Dentinger ’20 6’1 C Explosion Basketball – Gets good post position, unstoppable turnaround shot keeps ball high, runs floor, defends the paint with a huge wingspan.

Thalia Carter ’20 PG Greensboro Lady Gaters 2020 – Fast, very good D, gets out on break and finishes strkng at the basket.

Asia Pearley ’20 W Greensboro Lady Gaters 2020 – Good rebounder on both ends, very good at put backs.

Megan Harkey ’20 C Greensboro Lady Gaters 2020 – Great length, affects shots with her long arms, displays nice midrange touch.

Ariel Winston ’20 5’7 PG Emerald City Swiss Black – Good midrange and 3pt game/shot, nice handles, good help defender.

Dalayah Daniels ’20 6’3 F/C Emerald City Swiss Black 2020 – Long, good passer, good open court and help defender.

Tykayla Robertson ’20 C NS Hurricanes 8th – Soft hands, rebounds, scores around the basket, runs floor well.

Amanda Turpin 20 5’9 W Houston Skyrise 14u National-Wheatfall – Nice stroke and decent 3pt shooter, gets out on the break, decent handles, mkves well without the ball.

Shadiya Thomas ’20 5’6 PG Houston Skyrise 14u National-Wheatfall – Quick, good handles, knocks down the midrange and 3pt J with good accuracy.

Riane Burton ’20 6’0 F Houston Skyrise 14u National-Wheatfall – Hits boards, good defender, runs floor.

Kyndall Hunter ’21 5’5 PG Houston Skyrise 14u National-Wheatfall – Good handles and passing, gets in the lane off the dribble, very good court vision and awareness, pretty arc on shot with 3pt range.

Laila Blair ’20 G/PG Team Texas Dynasty-Houston – Smooth, very good handles, gets to bucket off dribble, finishes o break and in open court, knocks down the three, good aggressive open court and 1-on-1 defender, gets steals, great motor.

Telisha Brown ’20 G Team Texas Dynasty-Houston – Fast, scores in a variety of ways, finishes on tbe break, fast off dribble.

Nyia Jarrett ’20 5’8 G Avalon Lady Wolves – Nice midrange jumper with 3pt range, moves well without ball to get open shot.

Zora Fray-Chinn ’21 5’8 G Avalon Lady Wolves – Knocks down the midrange J along with the 3, good passer and court awareness, takes and hits the big shot, CLUTCH.

Sara Napoli ’20 -5’5 PG Avalon Lady Wolves – Great court vision, Clutch shooter, good command of her dribble, 3pt stroke, High basketball IQ

Amarie Godwin ’21 PG Skills Center Lady Elite – Long arms, very good defense, good handles.

Ta’Cora Griffin ’20 PG Baton Rouge Lady Tigers Orange – Deadly 3pt shooter, quick, good midrange J, plays aggressive D, gets to the hoop at will.

Kenyal Perry ’20 6’4 C Baton Rouge Lady Tigers Orange – Pretty agile, runs floor well, good foot movement, finishes in paint, keeps ball high.

Anna Mutch ’20 F Minnesota Starz-Antl – Nice pkst game, good court vision, good passer, hits boards on both ends.

Sydney White ’20 W Minnesota Starz-Antl – Decent handles, good shooter with 3pt range, decent passer, gets to the bucket in transition.

Lauren Klare ’20 F Cincy Swish-Dennis – Deadly 3pt shooter, decent passer, runs floor.

Alexandria Smith ’20 W Cincy Swish-Dennis – Moves well without the ball, works the baseline, puts kn floor, scores inside, rebounds, 3pt range.

Gabrielle Wener ’20 6’1 W Maine Firecrackers-Clement – Long, good shooter with 3pt range, will post up also, runs floor.

Margaret Whitmore ’20 5’10 F Maine Firecrackers-Clement – Face up plus dribble drive in paint, nice touch, finishes at rim.

Allison Camlbell ’20 5’9 W Central PA Dynamite – Smooth, deadly shooter from range, very good passer, good handles, high IQ, finishes on break, good D.

Sakeria Haralson ’20 6’0 C Central PA Dynamite – Good offensive and defensive rebounder, runs the floor, scores on put backs.

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