AAU Grassroots National Championship

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Desoto, TX – We always enjoy watching young talent compete. This past weekend in Desoto, TX DC Sports hosted the AAU Grassroots National Championship. It was really fun to watch kids that I have seen before and some that I have not. There were players ranging from 3rd-8th grade on teams from North Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas working to reach and win the chip. There were a ton of great players and I couldn’t see or write about them all but here are the some of the players that shined.

Mariah Houston ’25 G MP Waves – Mariah is a long and rangy guard that can do a lot of things on the basketball court. She is a spot up and off the dribble shooter that can handle the ball well. She uses her athleticism to get by other players. Her length allows her to shoot over the top of defenders. Mariah has a wonderful upside.

Jordyn Dawson ’25 PG MP Waves – Dawson has road runner speed with the rock in her hand. Her ball handling is advanced beyond her age. For a young player she has a great understanding of the game and makes great decisions. Jordyn displays great foot work and is tough to stay in front of in the open floor.

Breanna Davis ’22 G Lady Jets – There are a lot of adjectives that could be used to describe Breanna Davis’s game. Let’s start with smooth, versatile, or just simply, nice. The do it all guard can put the ball on the floor and attack off the dribble going left and right. Davis has an effortless stroke from three. She finishes at the rim with both hands and does a really good job of exploding to the rim. Davis is a player to watch in the coming years.

Da’Lonna Choice’22 G Lady Jets – Da’Lonna is what I like to call a “Swiss Army Knife” type of player. She does a little bit of everything on the basketball court. She plays big in the painted area and can step out and hit midrange shots. She gives maximum effort which is something you can’t teach. Choice stays active on D and uses her athletic ability to pester offensive players.

Madison Cockrell ’22 G Lady Jets – Madison is a skilled shot maker. She does whatever it takes to get buckets. Her drive game is on point and she has tremendous balance. Cockrell has a knack for getting into the lane, absorbing contact and finishing. She shoots a lot of free throws.

Destinee Baker ’22 G Lady Jets – Destinee has a solid solid game. She is a very smart player that plays with great pace and tempo. Madison’s form on her jump shot is text book. I also love the fact that she’s not just a spot up shooter. Baker pulls up of the dribble going left and right.

Jazzy Owens ’22 G Lady Jets – Jazzy’s game was impressive. She played extremely hard and big in the paint. She has great length and uses her body well to create space. Owens runs well in transition and attacks the glass. 

Tiana Ellison ’23 F Missouri EGB St. Louis – Tiana is a monster around the rim. She makes every loose ball and rebound hers. Ellison uses her frame and length to her advantage and finshes strong and with touch around the rim. Tiana is a factor on the defense end as well. If she is not blocking or altering shots she is playing at the top of her teams zone press.

Janyla Bush ’23 G Missouri EGB St. Louis – Lisa is a strong ball handler with a high basketball IQ. She is very shifty and breaks the D down to get into the lane. Bush has really good court awareness.

Lisa Thompson ’23 G Missouri EGB St. Louis – I enjoyed watching this young lady ball. She brings a lot of excitement to the game. When her feet are set she is a knock down shooter. Thompson plays hard from start to finish.

Heaven Limon ’23 Nitro – Love Heaven’s game. She has the three Cs. She is cool, calm, and collective. Heaven made clutch shot after clutch shot down the stretch of the semi final game and it seems like the pressure of big moments or tough defense doesn’t get to her. Limon is a big guard that uses her size to make pin point passes over the top of the defense. She also uses that same height to rebound from the guard spot.

Kelly Mora ’23 Nitro – You can’t teach size and when you combine size with some skill you have a recipe for a really good player. Kelly has both and will only get better. She high points the ball on her rebounds and keeps the ball high away from little guards while operating in the post. Mora is always looking to make the right basketball play and passes well out of the post. Can’t go up weak against Mora or it might get swatted back in your face.

Jaelyn Morrison ’23 Nitro – Jaelyn has an attacking mentality similar to Russell Westbrook. I think she can get into the lane whenever she wants. She was one of the most explosive players that I saw all weekend. Jaelyn also showed great lateral movement and footwork on defense.

Tristen Taylor ’23 DC Queens – Tristen displayed blazing speed. Her speed with the ball in her hand catches defenders by surprise. Tristen can stop and go at any will which keeps defenders off balance. Her ability to shoot with range makes it even more challenging to guard her. She demonstrated a nice floater and is a very willing passer.

Natalie Cardenas ’23 DC Queens – Love love love Natalie’s on court demeanor. Nothing rattles the kid. That swagger usually translates into productivity on the court. Natalie is a tough shot maker and consistently knocks shots down from three.

Caitlyn Ward ’19 Team Synergy – Caitlyn is a crafty and intelligent player that understands spacing and tempo. She uses her ability and craftiness to create space and get open shots. Ward is super efficient and just goes with the flow of the game. She gets everyone involved and understands that getting everyone involved makes the game easier for her.

Madison Luciano ’23 OK Lady Jazz – Madison played well and competed extremely hard. She showed composure under pressure and utilized her strong ball handling and passing to beat the press. Luciano often found herself around the rim getting layups, which was primarily caused by her hustle.

Jayda Holliman ’23 OK Lady Jazz – The silky smooth lefty was impressive. Holliman used her athleticism to cause all sorts of havoc on both ends. Jayda is super versatile and played inside and outside on defense and offense. She was usually the primary play maker on her team. She has a unique skill set that will lead to big things in the future.

Keyara Bromly ’23 East Coast Elite – Awesome player with a high skill level. Keyara’s size and agility make her a tough match up for most. She is really good in the open floor  and pretty much catches every pass thrown to her. Bromly has a nice back to the basket and face up game. She is a matchup nightmare.

Madison Crandall ’22 OK Lady Jazz – Madison did her thing throughout the entire tournament. She demonstrated the ability to do a number of things on a basketball court. Crandall is an excellent ball handler and used her length to posses and keep the ball away from defenders. I think she surprises defenders with her athleticism. She just makes plays and does what her team needs her to do in order to win. Lets not forget that she has three point range and she makes timely plays.

Cayanna Stanley ’22 OK Lady Jazz – Stanley is a blur and has end to end speed and quickness. She makes it look easy the way she blows by defenders. Because she is a consistence shooter defenders have to decide quick if they should back up and play her for the drive or play her tight to defend her outside shooting. Cayanna is the ideal two way player. She is a overall defensive stopper and has great hands that help her get steals and deflections.

AAU Grassroots National Championship All-American Honors

3rd Grade

Cedraih Peterson

Presley Schrader

Maddie Lee

Kya Mitchell

Jordan McIntosh

4th Grade

Cheyenne Wooten

Keaylin Hamilton

Mariah Houston

Macey Crandall

5th Grade

Heaven Limon

Jaelyn Morrison

Natalie Cardenas

Jayda Holiman

Keyara Bromly

6th Grade

Makayla Parks

Nadiya Cooper

Bre Davis

Madison Crandall

Cayanna Stanley

Dayanna Stockman

7th Grade

Amaya Brannon

Kendall Brown

Kiyara Howard-Garza

Jaliyah Green

Mya Williams

8th/9th Grade

Alexis Smith

Hannah Gusters

Daxia Melton

Caitlyn Ward

Sheridan Gamble


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